Born screening

Born Screening

A screening of Born and a debate following the film took place at the Martin Harris Building on the 30th September 2008. Julie Wray, lecturer at the school of nursing at the University of Salford and recipient of the  2008 Iolanthe Research Fellowship chaired the debate where Andy Lawrence, Judith Kurutac and Helen Knowles took questions from the audience.

A wide and varied audience comprised of anthropology students, health care practitioners, academics and members of the community. The screening was an At First Sight screening and was funded by Beacon and organised by Birth Rites and


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The audience



Listen to the debate


taking questions




The panel from left to right

Andy, Judith, Helen, Julie.




Born Screenings



Born has been screened at the following venues and conferences

  • At First Sight. September 2008 Martin Harris Building. Manchester University.
  • UCL Nov 08. SCREENING SERIES Films, Videos and Their Makers preliminary program) at the Department of Anthropology, UCL Archaeology Lecture Theatre 14 Taviton Street, London,  WC1H0BW @ Darryl Ford Lab.
  • Salford Midwifery Department. February 09. Manchester.
  • "Days Of Ethnographic Film" festival . Slovenia. May 09
  • Doula UK workshop weekend. Wales. June 09
  • Shambala Festival in the Family Yurt. August 09