Glasgow show



'Terese crowning in ecstatic childbirth' Image from Ina May's Guide to childbirth - Hermione Wiltshire





Hermione Wiltshire's photographic installation on a curved wall

'Yoga positions taught by Kathleen Beegan' 2008 



Installation view of Hermione Wiltshire's work




Ping Qiu 'Ur-form' 2008 Ceramic installation. Terracotta.




Detail Ping Qiu ceramics




Detail of 'Ur-Form' Ping Qiu




Ping Qiu 'Breathe' 2008




Suzanne Holtom 'Contact' oil on linen 2008



Suzanne Holtom 'Room 7 T + 4' Oil on linen 2008






Artist book plinth




Jaygo Bloom's audio visual installation 'Zap! You're pregnant' 2008.




Jaygo Bloom audio visual installation 'Zap! You're pregnant' 2008.





Installation view with the wallpaper. Kathleen Beegan in conversation.



Andy Lawrence's film 'Born' made in collaboration with Judith Kurutac. Doors leading to screening pod. Film screenings begin at 11.20am and are hourly. The film is 55 minutes long.



Film still on the way into 'Born'.