Installation view of Ping Qiu terracotta ceramics.

Birth Rites

20 september -30  November 2008

The Manchester Museum,
The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL
Tel 0161 275 2634

Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5 pm
Monday and Bank Holidays 11am - 4pm 



Saturday 4 October 10am - 12pm

Curator Tour

A tour of Birth Rites with guest curator, Helen Knowles.
Book : 0161 275 2648

Saturday 11 october 10am - 12pm
Birth Rites Artist Books Handling session




Installation view of  Birth Rites at the Manchester Museum, Artist books and wallpaper designed by Francesca Granato.


Artists books Cocks Comb and Cherry Tree Hospital


Ping Qiu Ur-Form Terracotta. 2008.



Still from Born a film by Andy Lawrence made in conjunction with Judith Kurutac



 Still from Born



Hermione Wiltshire,  'Yoga positions taught by Kathleen Beegan'. 2008 Photographic installation



Suzanne Holtom. Adebar oil on linen.



Jaygo Bloom. Zap you're pregnant. Video installation.