Juan delGado

Being profoundly deaf, delGado has developed a powerful  audio-visual work exploring notions of displacement and identity. In 1994, Juan left Valencia, Spain for London in order to further develop his career as a photographer and an artist. In 2001, he gained his Master in  Media Arts at the University of Westminster.

In 1997, delGado started a new photographic project entitled  "The Wounded Image", in which he drew upon the idea  of the flaneur or´city stroller` and the increasing feeling of  vulnerability narrated through a series of images based on the so-called cinematic city. This project was exhibited at the National Gallery in London  and nominated for the John Kobal Photographic Awards.

Juan has also developed  a series of time-based works, including a video installation entitled "Fleches Sans Corps"  in collaboration with the London Metropolitan University. In this environmental installation, delGado submerges us into a dark scenario where we are confronted by a mourning female voice whereas standing before a fiercely sea storm.

Take a look at www.disabilityarts.org/site/juan-delgado