Judith Kurutac



Judith Kurutac qualified as a midwife in 1973,and has been influenced from childhood by close proximity to maternity services in a rural setting and subsequently by interaction with a range of skilled and wise practitioners and many individual women and their families. Experience of practising midwifery in a range of settings includes a four year stay in Turkey in the 1970's which enforced lessons of observation, patience and trust in the birth process - profound experiences for both personal and professional development, project work with disadvantaged groups of women in central Manchester, England, holding a clinical labour ward manager's post at St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester and latterly about to complete the twelfth year of independent midwifery practice whilst combining the role as Local Supervising Authority midwife in the northwest of England. This combination of roles serves to address issues of both supervision of midwifery - a statutory framework unique to midwifery in the UK - and clincal midwifery practice from a position of impartiality to address women's needs. Within the context of changing approaches to the organisation of maternity services and the range of women's views towards the whole continuum of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, trust in the woman's innate ability to give birth and the development of midwifery skills have continued to be consistently strong personal and professional beliefs.




Judith with Helen Pusey after the birth of her baby, Nancy. Image Andy Lawrence.