St. Anne's RC Primary School, Ancoats



Creation Myths


We began a session talking about how the first humans were created. The children described their own ideas and those of their families, speaking about evolution and Adam and Eve. I read them some creation myths from around the world including a Teutonic myth about giants turning tree stumps into men, the birth of Buddha from Queen Maya's side, and the Greek myth of  how Prometheus made the first man out of earth water and his own tears, before the Goddess Athena breathed life into him. A story from Mozambique told of how the god Muluku sets a man and woman some tasks which they fail to carry out, so invites two monkeys to undertake them. The monkeys succeed and are rewarded for good behaviour by having their tails cut off and being turned into humans; the humans meanwhile have the tails pinned on them and live as monkeys  forever after.

Inspired by the stories, the children were helped to model them in clay by ceramacist Jane Knowles.






Adam and Eve created by the hand of god.






The buddah born from the side of his mother






Monkey God