Cherry Tree Hospital, Stockport


Between September and December 2005, Helen Knowles worked at Cherry Tree Hospital in Stockport with elderly patients to explore their experiences of childbirth. She spent a lot of time sitting and talking to the men and women, some of whom were close to death, others were in the hospital to give respite to their carers. It was a very challenging and emotional experience for those involved and for Helen, Phoebe and Poppy who attended on various occasions. Interviews were transcribed, sometimes recorded and at other times the participants wrote down their own expereinces themselves.

Alongside this, Helen taught the participants to mono-print. She brought in a whole variety of images from neo-lithic rock carvings of fertility goddesses to contemporary images of women giving birth.  The participants used these to create their own prints.

Helen led around 8 sessions and following the workshops, she went to Hotbed Press in Salford where she used screen printing to collate the material into an artist book.

The workshops were funded by Stockport Arts in Health.