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Posted by Helen Knowles Posted: Fri 8th Feb, 15:20:32

Residency at the Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester

In January and February 2008 Ping spent a month as artist in residence at The Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester. During this time she reproduced for Birth Rites an old work, Ur-form, a family grouping of ceramic vessels. These works resonate with archaic imagery of fertility goddesses.d see the work she is making for the Birth Rites Exhibition.

These images are taken of Helen Knowles, Ping Qiu and Dave Hancock (curator of the residency programme BREATH at the Chinese Arts Centre) who are in discussion about how to go about moving the work to the kiln in MMU ceramic department to be fired. You can visit the Chinese Arts Centre website at www.chineseartscentre.org.








Finally in the kiln


After the work had been fired it came back to the studio.



Pings work in progress


An idea for some work from Ping

Posted by Helen Knowles Posted: Wed 29th Aug, 22:39:37

emailed to Helen and Ina May

The Clinic at The Farm

Posted by Helen Knowles Posted: Thu 26th Apr, 15:08:27

This is the clinic which is where most of the women who are being seen by the Farm midwives go to for their check ups.

Ping sings and tells the story of her own birth

Posted by Helen Knowles Posted: Thu 26th Apr, 14:55:07

On a walk through the orchard at The Farm

Just before I left to get my plane, I went for a walk with Ping in an orchard at The Farm. I caught this recording of her singing and how her mother had had to walk 2 kilometers whist in labour with Ping, to get to a hospital.

Around the table at Bernice's house

Posted by Helen Knowles Posted: Thu 19th Apr, 17:44:27

Bernice Massey and Ping

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