Juan delGado and South Manchester Community Midwives

Prior to his involvement with Birth Rites, video installation artist, Juan delGado had a fascination with neo-natal psychology. He brought to the project a wide experience of collaborative practice including residencies with the Wellcome Trust and Sci-Art.

Over four weeks, Juan witnessed first-hand the role of a community midwife. He spent time watching as they prepared women for birth and as they supported them afterwards. Initially, Juan was shocked by their heavy workload: thier cars were their offices as they rushed through the streets to the houses of Manchester. He was overwhelmed by how many different roles the midwives take on every day. And yet, he noted "from the moment you walk into the houses, time stops... they take the time, sitting on the sofa and talking to the women."

Juan and the South Manchester Team will not be represented by an artwork in the final exhibition, however the collaboration remains an important part of Birth Rites, and the diary will continue to be available to read on this website.