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Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Wed 18th Jun, 19:38:36




BIRTHRITES the exhibition is now up and running and for all you who cant make it I have created an online version of my video game installation.

You can view it right HERE


...Bloom presents an audiovisual installation that combines the digital / technological intervention evident within the maternity ward, alongside a series of video narratives which have been created in response to the feelings and emotional responses of the expectant mothers he encountered whilst resident on the 24 hour ward.

There is a sense of entropic disorder within the visual imagery employed by Bloom, this combined with the use of alchemical and scientific motif, draws comparisons with the archaic notion of rebirth and transformation.

Through a process of paradoxical results, achieved by incompatible elements fluctuating between the digital and the physical, Bloom attempts to offer us an insight into the birthing process and the lucid emotional state of the expectant mothers within the ward.




Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 11:25:06

This paper was presented at The Old Victorian Baths, Manchester in October 2007 as part of the Birthrites - Matrix Forum. The paper intends to give an overview of my practice as a new media artist and how I aim to address this fantastic opportunity whilst in collaboration with Professor Jim Dornan. It should also illuminate how the Arts and Science are not as disimilar as one may first think..

(all images are viewable large size when clicked on)


....Many of you will be here today with your own unique experiences regarding the subject birthrites, indeed I am sure most of you have a diverse range of personal interests and involvement regarding the subject, so rather than concentrate too much on my own practice, I thought I would perhaps use my time here to introduce you to some of the ways art science medicine and nature can work together.

Jim Dornan is thedirector of fetal medicine at the Royal maternity Hospital in Belfast -


Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 11:23:19

- He is also former senior vice president of the Royal College of Obsteatricans and gynecologists.

Dr Dornan is held in high regard by his contemporaries as one of the leading spokespersons on womens healthcare within the NHS. and throughout the past year, we have had the chance to come together and discuss the nature of this practice, and reach some very interesting points.

Do you know Jaygo , he said to me on my last visit.. that  the nhs is perhaps the only part of the health service that actually promotes pain through natural child birth -  where as in every other part of the service the doctors come to releive you of pain -

interesting isnt it?

This is the way jim Dornan ticks,

Engaging with the day-to-day practice of Obsteiatricary is in many ways extremely challenging . . It is not surprising then that Jim leads a very culturally rich life outside of the institute, He and his wife have a strong attraction to the arts and if you sit in on any one of his presentations, you will notice Jim weaving a constant discourse between contemporary cultural theory and medical practice –

Through this alone it was clear to me how our separate practices hold similar concerns.

The link between art and science has a long history -


Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 11:22:12

I visited him last week while he was busy preparing for yet another presention, this time for Downing Street. Sat in his office surrounded by books on the subject of art and representation. He mentioned with his usual irish grace -

Its not that i would necessarily read all these books because i more than likely wont  - but then again i thought that maybe i might - but not until what i want to say has sprung to mind.

The more i speak with Jim the more I see him as a natural inquistor - and so his search into how women are represented within art,


Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 11:20:50

-  becomes also a question of authority

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