Jaygo Bloom and Jim Dornan

Jaygo spent time with Professor Jim Dornan, Director of Fetal Medicine at the Royal Maternity Hospital, Belfast and former Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. During his residency Jaygo was able to observe various obstetric procedures, including prenatal screening, diagnosis and a caesarean birth. Technology is an intrinsic tool to each collaboration partner’s practice, both sharing a passion for its use, but differing in their philosophical consideration of it. Within Jaygo Bloom’s works, technology, and the transformation of gameplay into performance become all-empowering tools that help comment on the digital / physical world divide. In Jim's practice, the real benefit of working with technology is when situations need to be salvaged, where “nature savagely goes awry”.

For Birth Rites, Jaygo presents an audiovisual installation that combines the digital/technological intervention evident within the maternity ward. He has drawn on  the institute’s reliance on machines to evaluate the birthing process through the graphs, the beeps and the sounds of the instruments surrounding the mother for inspiration. His installation juxtaposes with this a series of video narratives which have been created in response to a questionnaire that charted the feelings and emotional responses of the expectant mothers whilst they were resident on the 24 hour ward.  
There is a sense of entropic disorder within the visual imagery employed by Jaygo, this, combined with the use of alchemical and scientific motifs, draws comparisons with the ancient notion of rebirth and transformation. Pulling together seemingly incompatible elements which fluctuate between the digital and the physical, Jaygo offers us an alternative view of the birthing process; one which paradoxically is technology driven yet nevertheless able to expose the lucid emotional state of the mothers awaiting labour within the hospital ward.