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Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 10:33:33

So my project in collaboration with Birth rites also departs from this idea and arises from the relationship that I perceive between technology, media and the birthing process.


Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 10:32:27



Posted by Jaygo Bloom Posted: Mon 7th Apr, 10:31:07

How it arrived…  during my contact time with Jim Dornan, He introduced me to many other professionals within the field of maternity and childbirth – It was over lunch with Breedagh Hughes – chairperson for the royal college of midwives -

In which she bought to mind how common it is to see the fathers in the ward having more of an affinity to the hospital apparatus the beeps the graphs and the reassuring sounds than the mother in labor –

And so I will address this obsession with technology and incorporate it with emotional findings I have gathered through a creative questionaire handed out to the mothers in the ward.

In an email from Jim

Posted by Helen Knowles Posted: Wed 23rd May, 14:09:13

As an obstetrician and a  midwife ---am I an artist or a scientist? I like to think both. In the pre religion days (ref,De Vinci Code!) Mothers were at the Top of the Pile---worshipped as the miracle makers---just give them a seed and they produced the miracle of life. And they were correct!!.(And we all, globally, need to work relentlessly to get woman back up where they belong.) The problem is "survival of the fittest" attitude that nature takes. She is a tough midwife. And so humans, in the form of midwives and obstetricians, often have to give her a hand to prevent her having her way at every turn. It is the appliance of Science therefore, that enables our craft specialties to remain an art.

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