Matrix, a forum by Birth Rites

On October 27th  2007 we hosted an evening forum at the Victoria Baths in Manchester. The aim of the evening was to unite all the different collaborators in one space, to present their findings and research in their pairs and to use those presentations as a springboard into a different kind of discussion of childbirth. We wanted the forum to shed light on the collaborations: what insights have been gained, what defines and differentiates the practices explored, the consequences of placing artists within those environments and what those environments reveal about childbirth today.

Completed in1906 the Victoria consists of three swimming pools, Turkish baths and washhouses; all now being restored.  With beautiful stained glass windows and high sky lit ceilings it has an amazing ambience. Playing on the connections between childbirth and water we seated the audience in the empty women’s pool. The captivating nature of the historic building, enhanced by the atmosphere created by art director, Kara Ramsey, ensured Matrix was an unforgettable and groundbreaking evening.